BEWARE of this company, they are scammers and liars. They will quote u one price, then continue to raise it and raise it.

First we were told we could pay by check, then told that they wanted a money order instead. On the day they arrived they would not accept the money order b/c it was from Bank of America and not the post office. We had to find a check-cashing place on a saturday afternoon which costed us 5% of the amount (an extra $200) to cash. They held our stuff hostage till they got cash.

This is after they told us that they were coming on a Friday but didnt call or show till Saturday. We spent ALL of Friday waiting around for nothing! They wanted to add additional charges for having stairs in the home and for wanting more boxes to go upstairs than the downstairs. They continued to add to the price and only wanted CASH.

On the day we were moving from our original destination, we were told $3000, then were told that the price would go down if we decided not to take some things so we gave away a lot of our furniture, but at the end of the day we still had to pay that pluse an additional $500. Everytime I called the 1-800 number to speak to a manager, they told me that I happen to be talking to a manager....What manager answers a 1-800 line? I dont know of any,...they tried to cover for eachother.

We were told that we would have only professional movers, but instead ended up w/ one mover that worked for the company and other hire-ons for the day that they found randomly in the town. That is scary!

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xpress movers - yes the one in boston, ma is the sketchiest company ever. They sent two guys that weighed less than my dog and were slower than my grandpa.

I had to pay by the hour and believe me I paid every cent because, quite frankly, they scared me. I called the owner after their sixth break in a two hour spand and the crew members told me the owner was 28 yrs old and didnt know how to run his company - stay away!


I also found Xpress movers to be dishonest, difficult to deal with, and untrustworthy. They lied to us repeatedly. Don't use these people.


I would assume that this complaint is for the company with the same name located on the West Coast. This complaint doesn't say where the move occurred, and I'm 100% positive it wasn't us.

As form of final payment we accepts all major cards, money orders/cashier's check from every bank or post office and cash. Customers always know the final price prior to the delivery and no extra cash can be demanded from the delivery team.

Xpress Movers is located in Boston, MA and the name is used by other moving company located in California. In most cases customers submit negative reviews for them on our profiles and this is easily to be proved.

Masterton, Wellington, New Zealand #51906

this is a similar story told by many. people using movers, they jack up the price and hold your goods hostage.

You will never get that money back by calling, I would get all papers together read all the fine print and take them to small claims court, BBB is for the birds they dont do squat. good luck

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